"LBB consistently provides complete engineering services for all aspects of Trinity Fabricators' structural steel fabrication and erection - from design of building structures to stair and rail design.  As requested, LBB furnishes realistic solutions to ever changing design parameters and is also involved in the solution of issues that arise from existing onsite conditions.  Trinity Fabricators is extremely satisfied with all services provided by LBB."  

- Dan Westfall, President
  Trinity Fabricators



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Lindemann Bentzon Bojack Celebrates 15 Years of Architectural and Engineering Excellence -

Lindemann Bentzon Bojack Architects & Engineers (LBB) celebrates its 15th anniversary

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Land Development Today article. -

Our firm was recently featured in a Land Development Today article...

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How do you track over 700,000 jobs fast and easy? -

Our company produces over 700,000 print jobs in a year ...

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I love long walks – why don’t you go and take one? -

Good morning for the 600th TIME and welcome to another milestone edition of INSPIRATIONAL TIDBITS. 

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“Redneck Martians Stole my Baby” - Country song title -

Well, the longest day of the year is Sunday, and what are you doing about it?

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I’m having an out of money experience -

Well, our Orlando Magic are in the NBA finals, and after winning last night, they still might have a shot at taking it all.

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